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    5 star rating Very knowledgable and terrific English We took a group to Cartagena and were lucky to have Marly guide us through the walled city. she... read more

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    5 star rating Tour_in_Cartagena_with_Marelvy_Pena_Hall-Cartagena.html our tour with Julio. All 9 of us had a great time. I just wish we had more time off... read more

    Nancy R. 3/06/2019

    5 star rating Great Excursion in Cartagena We chose Marelvy for our guide in Cartagena and it was great !

    She and her driver took us to see...
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    JR M. 7/16/2015
  • 5 star rating Best tour guide ever! Booked the tour in advance on line on a cruise critic suggestion. Marelvy was waiting for us with a... read more

    curiousJill 2/25/2013

    5 star rating Great tour by MareIvy We were recently visited Cartagena with the Coral Princess.

    I made arrangements online with MareIvy for a general overview tour of...
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    5 star rating She knows it all Takes you to all the important sites and many insider locations as well

    So smart. So warm and friendly.

    Wish she...
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    5 star rating Great program in Cartagena with Marelvy Our group of 34 people had a wonderful program in Cartagena. We were on the Celebrity Equinox and we... read more

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