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    5 star rating If you want to know Cartagena, this is the person to tell you about it Marelvy gave two of us a personal tour last January. The delay in the review is unrelated to the... read more

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  • 5 star rating Cartagena tour with Marelvy My husband and I, along with three other couples, took Marelvy's tour of Cartagena in February. We sailed on the... read more

    pandjm2016 3/09/2016

    5 star rating Great Tour Guide! We had a port day in Cartagena and pre-booked Marelvy's associate Ester as Marelvy already had a tour that day.... read more

    Connie L. 12/07/2015

    5 star rating Tour Guide Led Us to Gems of Cartagena...Both Historical and Shopping Esther, our tour guide, was an incredible person--articulate when sharing the history of Columbia and Cartagena, discerning in taking us... read more

    Bob0611 4/15/2018
  • 5 star rating Great way to see the city We did the Highpoints of the City tour and it was perfect. Marelvy not only showed us around the walled... read more

    Brian R. 8/09/2014

    5 star rating The very best way to experience this city Marelvy and her daughter provided a tailored, fascinating, and highly varied look at Cartegena in just a little over a... read more

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    5 star rating My kind of tour I was traveling to Cartagena on vacation and found Marelvy on TripAdvisor when looking into tour options. After doing... read more

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    5 star rating Everything you ever wanted to know about Cartagena Marelvy has an excellent website and I read every word. Not only was Cartagena well described in history, customs... read more

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    5 star rating City tour in Cartagena The tour guide, Katty, was very personable and knowledgeable. She was able to answer easily the many questions we... read more

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    5 star rating Great GGM Tour Katty led our tour and was awesome! We went our first day in Cartagena, which ended up being a great... read more

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    sailorjay2015 2/23/2017
  • 5 star rating Top notch private tour service in Cartagena. We booked a private tour with Marelvy on Dec 6th, largely based on the many positive reviews on Tripadvisor... And... read more

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    kaymichelle327 8/11/2018

    5 star rating Excellent tour guide and so much more! I was in Cartagena last September, and booked a tour with MareIvy. What I got was a Cartagenan family... read more

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    M_Stewart68 4/02/2015

    5 star rating Good experience Knowledgable. Good English. Warm and friendly.

    We did the 4 hour tour of the fortress, monestaries, and...
    read more

    coairdave 11/08/2013

    5 star rating The best way to see Cartagena! We had a short day and Marelvy filled it with a great itinerary, history, humor and food. Thank you Marelvy!... read more

    Bruce B. 3/22/2012
  • 5 star rating Tour with Marelvy Pena-Hall We just returned from a Panama Canal cruise, where we had a most WONDERFUL guide in Cartagena with Marelvy Pena-Hall.... read more

    Dennis A. 2/01/2014

    5 star rating Best tour of Cartagena On our first trip to Cartagena,we had the good fortune of hiring Marelvy Pena-Hall for our tour of the city.... read more

    mrothstein 8/03/2011

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    AEMJ3 1/11/2016
  • 5 star rating A Wonderful Day There were 6 of us on the tour and we all felt it was A++. Marelvy made the day fun,educational... read more

    skipster1 1/26/2012

    5 star rating Highpoints of Cartagena- Just what we needed My family and I had an awesome tour of Cartagena through the great service by MareIvy. We were on the... read more

    Charlene K. 5/11/2016

    5 star rating Trip with parents We contacted Marelvy, who emailed us promptly with tour information they were there to pick us up and she is... read more

    peggiCalgary 4/06/2017
  • 5 star rating We loved the "Highlights of the City" tour in Cartagena! Marelvy showed us a wonderful time in Cartagena, giving us a taste of the city that she loves and making... read more

    mcfreedman2010 5/04/2017

    5 star rating The Best Marelvy We went on a cruise to the Panama Canal and booked a private tour with Marelvy for Cartagena (22nd Jan... read more

    turn4 2/16/2014

    5 star rating A wonderful experience As we arrived on a cruise ship, the initial tour with Marelvy filled up. It didn't take long for... read more

    ikelmay 3/11/2018
  • 5 star rating Perfect city tour Marelvy was our guide, not only is she very enthusiastic about her work, she cares that the people she is... read more

    SilBrit 8/10/2015

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    5 star rating Tour in Cartagena with Marelvy Pena-Hall--A DO NOT MISS Tour THANK YOU SO MUCH for the absolutely fabulous tour of Cartagena and your wonderful commentary throughout our tour. All... read more

    MissouriVacation 4/15/2019
  • 5 star rating Enlightening experience of old Cartegena Marelvy,

    What a wonderful experience of exploring Cartegena with you! Herb and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to see the sights...
    read more

    Mary S. 2/15/2012

    5 star rating Best way to see Cartagena - a personal tour guide Thanks to the reviews on tripadvisor we booked a city walking tour with Marelvy. Right from the beginning she... read more

    Nflsj 8/14/2012

    5 star rating Great overview of Cartegna Four of us were picked up at the cruise port by staff and escorted to the small, air conditioned van.... read more

    annabeth89 1/08/2016

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