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Getting to know Cartagena means getting to know cartageneros and cartageneras: the people of Cartagena de Indias. But since you are only here for a short time, it’s best to get to know people who are especially conscious of their historical and cultural identity – and also adept at conveying it – if you are to leave with lasting impressions of the unique charm of this place which has lasted so long, weathering so many storms. 

This goal is at the heart of each tour given by the team at tourincartagena. A group of seasoned professional guides which includes Ester, Fernando, Ben, Katty, and Marelvy. Marelvy Peña-Hall started tourincartagena.com in 2009. With the worldwide
confinement in 2020-2021 tourincartagena closed its doors temporarily. Now we are making a comeback.

More than 500 hundred five-star reviews on TripAdvisor

Are you traveling to Cartagena on a cruise ship?

Tour in Cartagena offers you a great variety of tours with highly knowledgeable guides, totally fluent in English, French, Italian or Portuguese.


Enjoy a private or small group tour in Cartagena without the crowds, at your own pace.
Discover off the beaten path tours for you to have a real experience in Cartagena.


Visit places which are not part of the cruise ship tours.

Perfect for families or party of friends or you can share a tour with fellow travelers via Cruise Critic. Back to the ship with plenty of time before departure guaranteed.

Popular Experiences

Top Shore Excursions Experiences in Cartagena

Hidden Treasure

310 reviews

Drumming and Dancing Workshop.

220 reviews


442 reviews

Walking in the Old City

658 reviews

Crepuscule (Twilight) Tour

130 reviews

The Route of Gabriel García Márquez

310 reviews

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Tour In Cartagena
Marelvy Peña
Ester Olivo
Tour In Cartagena
Katty Sarmiento
Tour In Cartagena
Fernando Lopez
Tour In Cartagena

Bienvenido Torres 

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More than 500 hundred five-star reviews on TripAdvisor
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