This tour – the road most often taken so to speak – begins with a spectacular panoramic view of the city from the literal highpoint of the city located on the summit of the sole sentinel-like hill that exists in Cartagena known as La Popa (The Poop Deck – the similar shape is most readily apparent from a seaside perspective). La Popa is the site of a convent built of stone in the early 1700s which is still run to this day by the Augustinian order. From the Popa you will have a bird’s eye view of our next stop, the labyrinthine Fortress of San Felipe which lies not far away from the foot of the hill. From there it’s just a few minutes to the Old Walled City where we’ll disembark to go for a relaxing stroll through its narrow streets and open plazas. We can include a stop at the most thriving establishment in the emerald trade here in Cartagena.

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