Beginning in the late afternoon and continuing on into the cool of dusk and eveningtime, Marelvy will take on you on a walking tour of the city’s always active main plazas, each one with its own particular character and history. From the Plaza of San Diego located between the School of Fine Arts and the building that was once the famous Convent of Santa Clara you’ll stroll through the park of Fernandez de Madrid and then proceed on to the Plaza of the Coaches, along side of the city’s watchtower, which is connected in turn to the broad Customs Plaza and the venerable Plaza of the Church of San Pedro Claver. As the warm yellow glow of lamplight grows slowly stronger in the street you will come upon the enchanting Plaza of Bolívar – with the peaceful murmur of its four fountains and the softly blown fronds of its towering palms – where you’ll invariably see traditional dances being performed by free-spirited young people in full regalia – before continuing the walk and ending up in the Plaza of the Church of Santo Domingo by nightfall.