Colombia is the the best destinationfor birding tourism. The presence of 1920 species of birds makes Colombia the best country for wildlife enthusiasts all over the world.

When you walk around the Old city of Cartagena de Indias you see Palenqueras dressed with very colorful dresses and selling fruits or homemade sweets or just posing for tourists for a tip. They come from Palenque,  has preserved all the African ancestral traditions, language, music, religion and medicinal knowledge. Palenques (originally) were hiding places for fugitives slaves and in theory the Palenqueros were the first free people in the New World. The town was declared Oral, Immaterial  and Cultural Heritage of Mankind by UNESCO.

The village is surrounded by wild and exotic vegetation  which is one of the best destinations for bird watching near Cartagena. Your tour guide, Fernando a real bird enthusiast, accompanied by Tyler, a well of knowledge not only about Palenque but also about wild life wiill lead you in this venture. This tour will take you to a totally different world.

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