Architectural Tour

A Tour in the Old City to highlight those works during the Spanish era but also during the first part of the 20th century with the Republican style to today international style Manga, Cabrero and the Old City.

Crepuscule in the Old City

A tour inside the walls of Cartagena at the time of the changing light from skylight gradually to lamplight.

Highpoints of the City Tour

To experience Cartagena at its fullest the Highpoint of the City Tour in Cartagena is the way to go.

The Route of Gabriel García Márquez

A walk in the old city to see some of the principle places that Gabriel García Márquez mentions in those of his works which are set in Cartagena as well as aspects of his life in the city.

Walking Tour of the Old City

This walking tour will take you to the city’s always active main plazas, each one with its own particular character and history.