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Shop Around in Cartagena

This tour begins at Las Bóvedas where there is an abundant assortment of handcrafts. Just a couple of blocks from the Bovedas there is a big antiques shop located in a colonial house near the Plaza de San Diego.   From San Diego we can walk over to the area of the main central plazas. In and around the Plaza of Bolívar there are excellent stores where we can shop for filigreed jewelry from Mompox, leather goods, pre-Columbian replicas, and designer clothing. There are a couple of art galleries as well. In the same vicinity there are some good shoe stores with some real bargain prices compared to what you would pay in the States and there's also a plethora of small clothing stores.  Meanwhile, in the Plaza de los Coches there is an arcade of sweets where those with a sweet tooth can stock up on local confections.

In the center of town we would also visit a jewelry store to shop for emeralds but our visit to Bocagrande includes a stop at the most thriving establishment in the emerald trade here in Cartagena. Here you have to let me get involved in the process because you have to haggle with them in order to bring the price down. Then just a short distance away lies the very best spot for buying coffee and cigars and also all kinds of ingeniously made decorative items and trinkets as well as more very attractive pre-Columbian replicas.

There is plenty of leeway for improvisation as we walk around the city. You or someone in your group may have something in mind which I haven't thought of yet.

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