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The Route of García Márquez
in Cartagena

VIEW IMAGESA walk in the old city to see some of the principle places that Gabriel García Márquez mentions in those of his works which are set in Cartagena, especially those places that figure prominently in his novels Love in the Time of Cholera, Of Love and other Demons, and The General in His Labyrinth, but also some places related to Gabo’s life like his present-day house in Cartagena or the University where his studies to be a lawyer were shed like dead skin or the old offices of the newspaper where he commenced his career as a journalist.

The house on the Street of Windows where the great lover Florentino Ariza lived with his mother Tránsito Ariza, who ran a pawn shop where the ladies with long last names quietly pawned the family jewels but rented them back to be seen by all on special social occassions.

The little Park of the Evangels with its almond trees near Fermina’s home.

The main cathedral where Florentino´s bittersweet lifelong love obsession, Fermina Daza, marries another man at the main altar with three bishops officiating.

The old colonial style family home, la Casa Casalduero, in the district of the viceroys, where her husband, Juvenal Urbino, a doctor and the most respected man in the city, lived before their marriage. The house in La Manga where they lived together.

The archade where Florentino, a poet at heart,  like Cyrano penned the love letters of others (less fortunate because they  lacked a muse) to the objects of their affections.

The place where General Simón Bolivar (who said that to govern Latin America was to “plow the seas”) stayed in Cartagena on his last fateful journey.

The site where the crypt of the girl whose hair grew to twenty-two meters eleven centimeters after her death was opened centuries later.

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