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Mud Bath at the Totumo Volcano

VIEW IMAGESThis tour consists of a trip outside of town - to a destination about 50 kilometers north of Cartagena going up the coast – in order to enjoy a long lazy mud bath. It’s perfect for relaxing and recuperating after a night on the town or just for general banishment of the accumulated tensions of everyday life.

The mud has a general refreshing, rejuvenating effect and is said to have curative properties in the treatment of a variety of skin and body ailments such as acne, fungi and other problems of complexion, as well as ulcers, rheumatism and arthritis.

The density of the bubbling mud prevents bathers from sinking.

A  totumo, by the way, is a tropical South American tree which produces a gourd or calabash which is used when hollowed out for all sorts of practical and decorative purposes, like the maraccas for example.

The volcano is normally crowded on weekends.  You get a massage while floating.   You need to take along a  change of clothes, towel and sandals.

The mud contains silicates, aluminum, magnesium, sodium chloride, calcium, sulphur, and iron.  

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