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Hotel Casa Santa Ana in Cartagena

VIEW IMAGESWhat’s in a name? When we think of this warm and welcoming little hotel the Santa Ana that comes to mind is certainly not the hot wind that blows into Southern California off the desert and far less is it the legendary Mexican tyrant.  The figure evoked is rather Saint Anne, the mother of the Virgin Mary,  embodiment of tolerance and succor. Moreover, once you pass through the door though no secular amentity is spared. While it is small it is not confining. There’s beautiful patio flanked by a generous lounge and a nice bar. The main suite which faces the street is princely, with high ceilings and a mezzanine. All the rooms are well appointed and luxurious. On the out deck upstair you can bathe in the Jacuzi or the small pool or enjoy a massage.

La Casa Santa Ana is located in the Getsemaní, a part of town which you won’t find featured in the conventional tourist literature. In colonial times these were the slave quarters and it has always been the poorer section of the old walled city. While restoration work has been steadily gathering steam in Cartagena since it was declared world patrimony by the UN in 1984 it has only in recent years begun to proceed apace in Getsemaní. La Casa Santa Ana is best example of the success of this process as regards hotels. Located just a few blocks from the core of activity in the center of town, it is safe. The people of Getsemaní are friendly and tolerant of foreign visitors.

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