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Hotel Casa Quero in Cartagena

VIEW IMAGESLa Casa Quero in the barrio of San Diego is palacial, stately, yet its truely monumental proprtions do not dwarf you but rather have the effect of making you feel more expansive yourself. So it lends itself nicely as a setting for events of all sorts – meetings, presentations, fiestas dance parties. Yet while “cozy” is hardly the word, guests at the Casa Quero quickly find themselves feeling right at home. Karina, your gracious hostess at La Casa Quero, tells us that when there’s a knock at the door she often finds the guests going to the answer door before she can get there. One reson for this is that La Casa Quero will provide a personal chef to prepare whatever cuisine you or your group may desire to eat during your stay in the city and if you like you are welcome join in. “Estás en tu casa” - “you’re in your house.”

La Casa Quero also maintains a lovely place for its patrons in the hills of the countryside just an hour’s travel inland in Turbaco, well known among here as the most lush, green and hence cool and tranquil spot in the environs of Cartagena. It was the favorite resort of the Viceroys, Bolívar and his common law wife Manuela Sáenz, Baron Von Humbolt, and the tenebrous Mexican dictator Santa Ana, among a host of other less well-known personages. You can enjoy the Jacuzi or a massage or lull a bit in the small pool while taking in the commanding view from the mirador up top.

Prices and accomodations beat the big “five star” hotels. It has seven rooms, two of which have the highest ceilings you’ll ever sleep under.

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