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Hotel Casa Pestagua in Cartagena

Casa Pestagua

This palacial hotel carries the name of a 17th century count, el Conde de Pestagua,  who was intimately involved in the administration of commerce in Cartagena in the while his wife played an important role as benefactor to the city’s churches. Here guests enjoy everything and more as they would in the more well-known five star hotels of the city and La Casa Pestagua can accomodate in most handsome fashion groups of all sizes. It is located on Santo Domingo Street just half a block from La Plaza de Santo Domingo in the heart of the old colonial district.

La Casa Pestagua like  La Casa Quero has prices that are comparable to those at the more well-known five star hotels while providing accomodations that are clearly more than just a cut above. If you are coming to artagena with a group of moderate size – that is, as many as thirty people – La Casa Pestagua can’t be beat. It has a large pool, two enormous patios, special intimate dining areas, and a large and elegant hall that can be used for conferences or entertainment.

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