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Hotel La Casa del Curato in Cartagena

VIEW IMAGESLa Casa del Curato, in the barrio of San Diego just a block away from the murallas at the point where the Cartagena home of Colombia’s great novelist Gabriel García Márquez is located, and it lies just around the corner from la Plaza de San Diego which has the Fine Arts School, the Santa Clara Hotel, a bunch of small restaurants along with traditional Colombian fast food – an empanada that a guest at the Santa Clara pays 8,000 (two dollars) pesos for, is sold for 25 cents and it tastes just as good and better yet you get the local color and this is the point – this square is a beautiful example of a place where people from all parts of Cartagena mix with people from out of town and out of the country.

There are ample suites – two in front and two in back – with balconies. In between are the smaller rooms with shuttered windows that open onto a plethora of greenery in abundant light. As is the case with all of our recommended hotels the architectonic formula that the tropical climate permits here in Cartagena is nicely exploited: that is, when you walk inside one of these old buildings you find that you are still, in effect, outside. La Casa del Curato (a curato in Spanish is like a parrish in English, as cura means priest) offers computer and net services, a typical costeño breakfast, an observation deck with massage services up top, and the cool of a pool down below should you feel the need to beat the heat.

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