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Architectural Tour in Cartagena

Manga, Cabrero and the Old City

Gallery ImagesEach one of the different styles of architecture seen in and around Cartagena was used and promoted by groups throughout the long history of the city who had the power and the money to carry out construction. This makes for the  fascinating bit of history you’ll listen to during this tour of houses and other buildings which are representative of the various styles: Colonial, French neo-classic, Republican, Moorish, military, baroque, Gothic and Neogothic, as well as Caribbean. There is a host of pure examples representing these styles, among them the House of Rafael Nuñez (who was four times president of the Colombian Republic), the Heredia Theater, the Gold Museum, la Casa Román and la Casa Pestagua (a palace which first belonged to a seventeenth century Count), the walls and forts.  Of course there are the inevitably unfortunate interventions of the international style of gridworks, most notably in the Andean building at Plaza de la Aduana.

On the tour you´ll also pass by a number of buildings which display an interesting eclecticism. In the old city it is not uncommon to see examples of a combination of the republican and colonial styles, particularly in the façades.

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