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Marelvy Peña-Hall

Marelvy Peña-Hall is completely fluent in English, French and Spanish. In her work as a tour guide she combines the intimate knowledge of a native of Cartagena who is steeped in the city’s centuries-old traditions with an easy familiarity with North American and European people, society and culture, having traveled and lived in both the U.S. and  France.

After completing her studies in languages at the Colegio Mayor de Bolívar, Marelvy polished her skills in French by working and studying in France for a period of  two years.   Marelvy’s  chief interests along with the study of languages are in the arts – in particular, dance – and in education.  At the age of 13 she began a  career spanning two decades of performing the folkloric dances  of Colombia, especially those of the Caribbean coast. Upon returning to Cartagena from France she  began teaching French at the university level and at this time married the North American-born painter, John Timothy Hall, so that for the past twenty years her study of English has been constant as well.  They and  their two children, Sheila and Theo, live by the sea just outside of the Old Walled City.

After ten years Marelvy retired from teaching and went into guidework while at the same time dedicating herself to the homeschooling of her  bilingual  children and, in collaboration with her husband, to the writing of an extensive and innovative bilingual dictionary. A look at the preliminary edition of this recently completed work will be coming soon here. The final edition will be published later this year.


Cartagena de Indias in Colombia, is the second oldest city established by Europeans in South America (after Santa Marta which lies 300 kilometeres further up the coast). For centuries it was known as the gateway to South America and certainly, in terms of tasting the Latin American sensibility, it still is. What was to become Spain’s most important port on the Caribbean Sea was founded 476 years ago by Pedro de Heredia on the site of a village called Calamarí (which meant 'crab') whose inhabitants, the Mocanaes, were part of the Carib tribe. Today Cartagena is a major modern port and an increasingly popularly venue for international tourism. The Old City was declared world heritage by the United Nations in 1984.



Tours in Cartagena

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Current prices of tours – which fluctuate somewhat according to exchange rates – are available upon request at or by telephone at 575 666 3991 or cel. 315 7605034. All quoted prices will include entrance fees and transportation costs. Normally each tour also includes shopping opportunities. One should but keep in mind that features from one tour can be combined with those of another, as you like. Crepuscule with Marelvy is generally out of reach for our cruise ship customers because of time constraints.
Hotel Arrangements and Other Services

Marelvy Peña-Hall will welcome you, your group or organization to Cartagena de Indias acting as your tour guide or as an interpreter. In addition, with her wide-ranging network of local contacts, Marelvy is uniquely positioned in order to be able to help you arrange for whatever other services or amenities you may require during your stay. Marelvy will make your hotel reservations for you. Feel free to contact her by E-mail or phone her with any questions or consultations. Marelvy would also be grateful to receive your comments and suggestions about her work and the website.

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Email Marelvy at or or by telephone at 575 666 3991 or cel. 315 760 5034.

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